Movie Review: Cold Comes the Night

Title: Cold Comes the Night
Released: 2013
Director: Tze Chun
Starring: Alice Eve, Bryan Cranston
Rating: 3/5

Okay. So. Alice Eve is my future wife. I love this woman so much and I just can’t get enough of her. So, of course I was excited about getting to see her on screen again, not too long after Star Trek Into Darkness. I’m lucky enough I have friends that indulge my childish crushes (and it helps that Bryan Cranston is the co-lead) and one of them came along to see the movie with me.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from this film, but it wasn’t what I got. Not that that’s a bad thing, because it was even better than I expected. The whole thing was so very well executed, not too complicated but not to simple. The acting was fantastic from everyone, and the accents were insane – Cranston’s Russian accent was on the ball, and Eve’s American accent nearly knocked me over to begin with. The actual acting was fantastic, and Eve’s desperate single mother was perfect – I liked that she wasn’t pathetic, she was trying to stand on her own feet and look after her daughter, she was fighting for that. The only time in the movie she shows any kind of weakness is when her ex(?)/friend treats her like shit and you’re left feeling a bit angry and sympathetic – for the rest of the movie it’s like her character doesn’t want your sympathy, she’s a strong woman, and I loved that about her. Cranston’s Russian hitman is actually just as enjoyable, and you can’t help but feel some kind of empathy for him – he’s going blind, and he can’t let anyone know because he’ll be struck off, so to speak. The interactions between characters was perfect too, especially that of Alice Eve and her onscreen daughter (little bit of trivia: her daughter is called Sophia, and Alice’s middle name is actually Sophia).

The movie is incredibly enjoyable, and even a little stressful at times because it’s like a no holds barred kind of thing, you never know what’s going to happen next. I was constantly worrying about who would die and who wouldn’t, or how things would turn out, who was going to backstab who, etc. and it all got so stressful! That is a sign of a good movie!

Eve and Cranston make a great onscreen duo and thier interactions are mesmerising, both characters using the other for thier own benefits yet still being sympathetic to the other, and even slightly caring towards the end.

I’d really recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good thriller but without the horror vibe. There’s not too much blood or violence, but it still has you holding your breath at times. Utterly fantastic.


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