Movie Review: Ghost Ship

Title: Ghost Ship
Released: 2002
Director: Steve Beck
Starring: Julianna Marguiles, Gabriel Byrne, Karl Urban
Rating: 3/5

Okay, so this isn’t the first time I’ve seen Ghost Ship. I remember it being released when I was about 16 or so and if I’m honest, I thought it was terrible. This was supposed to be a horror movie and I sat there laughing, insulted by this attempt at scaring me.

However, I’m grown since then, I’m much (much /o\) older and I can appreciate movies for what they are now. A ‘horror’ movie doesn’t need to be scary to be enjoyable. As a huge fan of horror movies, most of my favourites don’t scare me at all, but I love them so much.

So, upon rewatching Ghost Ship, I was able to enjoy it for what it is – a good ghost story. For it’s time, this movie has great effects, a great story, and a great cast. We see a young Emily Browning and a long haired Karl Urban. The movie was so much better when I watched it again, and it turned out to be just the kind of ghost story I love – a demon-like creature collecting souls, a haunted ship, some half decent characters (of course I had a soft spot for Munder), and the effects were really good considering the movie was made in 2002 (which, although it doesn’t seem that long ago to me, it was actually over 11 years ago!).

If you’re looking for a good wee ghost movie this haunting month and you haven’t seen this, give it a go – it’s actually rather funny and quite enjoyable when you sit down to it 🙂


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