Movie Review: Insidious Chapter 2

Title: Insidius Chapter 2
Released: 2013
Director: James Wan
Starring: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne
Rating: 4/5

This was one of the most anticipated horror movies on 2013, and I was super lucky to get to attend a double bill showing of the first movie followed by the sequel and I will tell you one thing, watching one after the other was the best way to see Chapter 2 for the first time. I loved the first movie and the second did not disappoint. I was half expecting not to enjoy it as much, if I’m honest, but this movie really exceeds expectations.

First of all, the acting. Wow. I keep trying to talk to people about this and I feel like I’m not getting my opinion across. Patrick Wilson is a fantastic actor and one of my favourites, and this performance in this movie is insane. Despite the fact he’s in the whole movie, I felt like he wasn’t because he was more or less playing two parts (the possessed Josh, and the real Josh who is stuck in the land of the dead type place). By playing the possessed Josh (or Parker Crane, as the spirit is called), Patrick Wilson makes it seem like it isn’t him. I spent half of the movie feeling like he wasn’t in it! Now THAT is the mark of a good actor, I’ll tell you that.

The storyline of this movie was brilliant too, and the throwbacks to the previous movie were mindblowing. Little things from the first movie were explained, some of which you probably would’t have questioned until it was pointed out to you. And the comedy! Some of the one liners and back chat is so damn hilarious (there’s one scene where possessed!Josh gets a baseball bat and I can’t explain it, but it has me wetting myself every time).

The ending of the movie was brilliant, and as sad as I am to see the Lamberts go, I like that they’ve closed that case. I’m hoping there is a 3rd chapter, and it seems like there might be, what with Tucker and Specs still doing the ghost busting thing (and Elise following them around without them knowing). Also, to those of you who have watched the movie, what do you think the demon at the end is? I swear it’s the red faced demon (or, Darth Maul). The sounds were the same and Elise’s reaction just made it seem like it’s back, trying to latch onto someone else.

I really think everyone should see these movies, though. I didn’t find them scary at all, but the storyline is perfect and it’s just so enjoyable. GO SEE IT!